Are you a student or doing your PhD? Are you considering yourself as LGBTQIA+ and would like to meet your peers to exchange your experiences regarding LGBTQIA+-related topics at the workplace? Would you like to benefit from the expertise of an extensive network of LGBTQIA+-professionals? Then Get Connected – unique in Switzerland – is just what you are looking for! Get Connected offers a platform for intergenerational exchange of experiences among students, young and seasoned professionals. This facilitates interaction among like-minded people, allows our members to touch on LGBTQIA+-related topics – and finally builds Switzerland’s most diverse network.


We can draw on an extensive pool of Alumni and other LGBTQIA+-professionals to find just the right mentor for you. Our so-called “Seniors” come from all sectors and levels of hierarchy. While you will be mainly supported by your designated mentor, the entire pool is available for you to learn from and exchange your experiences and build your own network.

As a mentee, or so-called “Junior”, you will meet about two or three times per semester with your Senior. You will set the path for your joint development and mentoring. In addition to the tête-à-tête meetings you have with your personal mentor, there is the  Get Connected Event once every semester with intriguing LGBTQIA+ related discussions and speeches, diverse participants as well as food and drinks. Anyone is welcome, whether they currently partake in the programme or not.


Whether you are out or still in the closet, proper role models are usually hard to find and approach for the LGBTQ+ youth. Get Connected wants to change that. Even if you are open about your sexuality in public, there is lot to take away through our intergenerational exchange of experience.


Primarily, Seniors will support Juniors in both their personal and professional development. At the same time, Seniors get the great chance to (re)connect with other Alumni and professionals and get in touch with prospective colleagues. Get Connected not only serves as a great network for students and Juniors, but due to the unique diversity of Get Connected, it also allow professionals to extend their networks to other sectors and fields of study. Ideally, the programme is not a one-way road: it is also a valuable opportunity for everyone.


More information can be taken from the "Guide"


We have created a guide to give you a starting point and direction for your mentoring relationship.

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