The picture was taken at the Get Connected Event on 26 November 2021 by Samuel Lentsch. It illustrates the organisation team, speaker and participants. 

The organisation is led by Dominik Probst, Alexander Hoz, Carmen Jeanguenat, Daniel Wetterwald, Mareike Pfenning, Robin Triet, Seif Forni and Sophie Olvany. They are being operationally supported by the LGBTQIA+ associations of the University of St.Gallen Unigay as well as  ETH Zurich and University of Zurich PolyUniQue. When it comes to strategic matters, they can count on the know-how of an academic advisory board around Prof. Dr. Dirk Schäfer


Get in touch if you are interested in supporting us as an LGBTQIA+ organisation and network. We are open to new cooperations and partnerships.